Update Everest 2019

Dear Followers,

I like to welcome 2019 with maximum freedom for all living animals. We will continue being the voice for all animal abuse, poaching and captivity. Please keep supporting us.

Our website is really closed to being finished. The payment modules finally work, donations can be made
through different systems, like paypal, creditcard, Ideal, Giropay etc. Please try it with a little amount. It can also be done through Facebook.

Training Update:

My focus is to stay healthy and visualizing clear sky, no winds and beautiful weather for the summit window. I have quit alcohol as per January 1st. Harder for me is to reduce coffee and sugar. Being fit is one thing, but having your organs in top shape is maybe even more essential for the upper part of the mountain. So the coming month my training will look as below

* walks of 20Km with 20KG backpack
* indoor climbing 2 times a week
* indoor rowing and crosstrainer
* Running 10-15 KM
* MTB Cycling 3 hour rides

More to come soon 🙂

If you know good Bird rescuing sanctuaries that we can work with, don’t hesitate to send us a mail!