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“Sky High”

Educational and Awareness Project to reduce the amount of birds in captivity at homes and zoo’s. Sky High will also fund several bird hospitals and rescue centers.

Birds are heavily undervalued by the global community. There are numerous projects for Big Cats, Rhino and elephants, all for their skins or Ivory.  However birds are being imprisoned for their lives. A lifelong behind bars. And yes they are smaller and it might not look that bad as big mammals, but birds need an extra thought of humans to realized what is really happening and how afwull it really is.  Therefore we will be their voice,  for recognition and freedom !

Fundraising Target  $250.000

On each continent we will choose a specific target.

Stop Poaching NOW

Aimed at equipping rangers in Tanzania to take action against Poachers. Co-operative project with TANAPA official Gov body to take drastic action against poachers, reduce roadkills, invest in drone inspections and camera observation.   Fundraising Target  $450.000

Co-project Uganda: Safety for Mountain Gorillas. Donate to Stop poaching to fund this cause.

Official documents are available upon request.